Open letter to Justin Timberlake

Two Aussie girls, some really bad dance moves and a great big dream to meet you…

Dear Justin,

We have a crush on you. We’ve got that Tunnel Vision for you and want you to know this isn’t just a Summer Love.  You are our King of Pop JT, and we really, REALLY wanted to meet you but were saddened we couldn’t buy tickets for a ‘meet and greet’. So we decided to write you a letter in the hope that through this wiz-bang internet thing, it will somehow reach you and want to meet us, too!

‘We’ are Dominique & Tara, TNKids from sunny Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated capital city in the world. We are every day, 20-something Aussie girls – Tara works in beauty, Dominique in marketing – but Justin, we think what might make you say Damn Girl about us is that when we first met, we bonded over our love for your music, together with our inability to dance. It might seem a bit illogical, but we found Mirrors of ourselves in one another, both so in love with your music, yet both so uncoordinated that we make such fools of ourselves when we dance to your songs. But, as bad of dancer-singers we may be, we figure It’s not a Bad Thing, because as our love for you and your music has always been the basis of our strong friendship and we have you to thank for that!

Justin, we hope that on the off chance you read this, you might want to hop into your Spaceship Coupe and meet us too (there’s room for three, not only two!), so this is dedicated to you; the key eras of our JT fan history:

  • We were both only 5 years old when NSYNC formed in 1996 and as kids of the 90’s/early 2000’s we grew up with this hit music. We loved all NSYNC boys, but we were always Crazy for You.
  • At age 11 in 2002, Justified was the first CD album we both ever bought. Rock your Body was definitely up there as one of Tara’s favourites, but Senorita was Dominique’s ultimate hit – she always wore her hot pink Supre Senorita singlet when listening to the album.
  • In 2008 we attended your Future Sex/Love Sound show at Burswood Dome in Perth. It was the best concert experience of our lives because Tara swears; hand on heart that you winked to her during the show. Yep, she’s That Girl the one you winked to all those years ago! Dominique thinks you were probably just squinting at us with disbelief that two people could be so uncoordinated, yet so engrossed in your music, but we Let the Groove Get In and we hope we made you proud!
  • At aged 18 in 2009, Dominique was kicked out of her first ever nightclub for ‘breaking it down’ with some signature dance moves to SexyBack. She has not been back to that nightclub since.
  • Now, in 2014 we regularly bond over our love for you with Saturday night wine evenings featuring only your music, fine wine and our signature dance moves. But, no matter how much wine, we can’t Drink You Away and we still can’t dance.
  • And lastly, a few weeks ago Dominique celebrated her birthday at a nightclub in Perth. We requested your songs all night; breaking it down, thinking we looked like Sexy Ladies with our signature dance moves. If you saw, you might have thought ‘that girl is Murdering my song with her moves, but guess what Justin?! That night, our awful moves didn’t even get us kicked out!

So that just about wraps us up. We will be going to your 20/20 Experience World Tour at Perth Arena on Wednesday, October 8 and have bought VIP standing tickets that give us access to the front of the stage, but seeing you in your Suit and Tie on stage just isn’t enough for these two #TNKids!

So, what do you think My Love, Justin Randall Timberlake? Is there a chance you would like to meet us, these two LovedStoned Aussie girls with the really bad dance moves, when you Take Back the Night on October 8 at Perth Arena?!

Love from your Pusher Love Girls, biggest Perth fans (and probably Perth’s worst dancers) Until The End Of Time,

Dominique and Tara


Twitter: @DTwillmeetJT


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