DT have met JT!!

Our dream to meet Justin Timberlake turned into reality when we met the man himself at Perth Arena on Wednesday 8 October! It was an incredible and amazing experience and truly something we will never forget!

  photo 2   photo 1


Justin is very sweet and humble (and obviously very cute) and he genuinely cares for his fans. We let him know that he has so much support from his 36 million Twitter followers, (including you truly dedicated TNKids) and he was so grateful to hear this. He also said he had heard about our campaign to meet him and that our matching outfits were cool (“Oh you guys are matching, that is so cool!”) – we were really ecstatic he said this! He was very happy to pose for a photo with us and for us to give him a hug – Tara went in for the hug straight away but Dominique politely shook his hand and then asked if it was ok to hug him, to which he replied ‘Of course!’

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign and provided feedback to us about it and the open letter we wrote to Justin. Thanks especially to those of you on Twitter who connected with us and supported the campaign from the start – you know who you are!

To everyone out there dreaming of meeting Justin, we hope your dream comes true one day too!

Dominique and Tara,
DTwillmeetJT (or should we say DThavemetJT!)